” The primary geometric forms are considered to be the crystallizations of the creative thoughts of God and the human hand…”  Robert Lawlor

Simply expressed, a Platonic solid is a three-dimensional shape in which every face is a regular polygon and the same number of faces meet at each vertex.  It has been proven that only 5 polyhedra meet this criteria: tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedron, and dodecahedron. The Platonic solids are named after the Greek philosopher, Plato, who discussed them around 350 B.C.       

April 13 – May 8

Completed Main Lesson Book containing:

  1. Decorative Cover Page
  2. Decorative Table of Contents
  3. 300-word essay introducing Plato and his connection to Geometry (IN YOUR OWN WORDS)  Note: 1st lined pages
  4. Construction and traits of a tetrahedron 
  5. Construction and traits of a cube
  6. Construction and traits of a octahedron
  7. Research an architectural structure from modern times; i.e. The Sydney Opera House.  On the 2 lined pages in the exact middle of the Main Lesson book, draw either a small replica or the architectural plans (a minimum of 3 inches squared) of your structure of choice.   The drawing can be done in graphite, but is not limited to as such.  Also include a 300-word paragraph, stating the following:  Who was the architect and what was the science behind the design.
  8.  Construction and traits of an icosahedron
  9. Construction and traits of a dodecahedron 
  10. Give a brief description of the geometric phenomena, The Golden Mean.  Find something in nature that demonstrates this and draw it using geometric practices. 
  11. Extra Credit: Construction of a dodecahedron inside an icosahedron 



*Please draw every construction on a white blank page, not on lined paper.

*Leave all construction lines, though you may lighten them.

*Please shade figures using light colors and/or coloring lightly as to show construction lines.

*You can outline your construction lines in ink if you choose, but if you do so, be extra careful not to make a mistake and that the ink doesn’t bleed through onto the following page. 

*Pace yourself and enjoy! 


While the entire book is not due until May 8,
I recommend the following schedule:

    April 13 – 17:  Assignments 3 – 5

    April 20 – 24:  Assignments 6 & 7

    April 27 – May 1:  Assignments 8 – 10

    May 4 – 8:  Assignments 1 & 2 (#11 is extra credit)


Due Date:  Completed Main Lesson book is due on Friday, May 8.  Upload individual pictures of each page or a short video.