Curriculum Overview

In the Waldorf curriculum subjects are taught in blocks, which last several weeks and rotate throughout the school year.  The overarching subjects of the blocks offered are mathematics, language arts, science, history, and the arts.  The form of the blocks will look different from grade to grade, aligning with the development of the child.

Traditionally, the curriculum courses range between
3 – 5 weeks per block.

With over 20 Years of Teaching Experience

Each Course Includes:


* Supply list of necessary materials

* Course outline

* Videos including lessons (new and review), tutorials and work samples

* Online support from the course teacher and/or tech support

* Depending on the block, courses may also include:

Discussions via a classroom forum with other students who are enrolled

Practice and/or block tests provided in pdf format along with subsequent  answer keys 

Suggestions for additional activities and resources to enhance the course

Three Week Block

Cost – $180

Four Week Block

Cost – $225

Five Week Block

Cost – $270

Important Information

* Course videos run between 10 – 20 minutes.

* A typical week of a course will begin with an intro to the block, an opening piece that can be practiced throughout the block, and a Main Lesson presentation on the first day. Days 2-4 will encompass review of the previous days’ lessons as well as a new Main Lesson. Day 5 will strictly be independent review and finishing up any Main Lesson bookwork for the week.

Students and parents may view courses from any recently updated web browser or mobile device. You will need a high-speed internet connection to view the course videos. Regular broadband should work just fine. Currently, we do not provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or with very slow connections. Refunds will not be given for issues regarding internet connection when viewing course videos so please keep this in mind when registering. 

* Courses are explicitly intended to be purchased for 1 household only. Please contact us first if you would like to use this course in a homeschool group or classroom setting.

* Questions regarding curriculum and technical support will be answered via email within 1-3 business days. For one-on-one tutoring and parent mentoring, please see our services page.

Upon Enrolling You Will Receive an email which includes:


Course Outline


Supply list


Suggested rhythm


Enrollment Fee and Payment Plan


Waldorf Home and School Supplies

Paper Scissors Stone

Waldorf Home and School Supplies


For over 20 years our mission has been to aid in the teaching of painting, drawing, handwork and creative play. We strive to serve schools, homeschoolings and artists with high quality art and school supplies used in Waldorf education. Visit our website to find the color, value and inspiration you are looking for!

Purchase Information

Parents get a one-time 15% discount code that they will receive with their welcome email. Teachers associated with an AWSNA or an ALLIANCE school will not get this discount code because they already receive a 15% discount upon placing supply orders from Papers Scissors Stone.


High-Quality Products for Waldorf Education

Mercurius logo

Over our 25+ years of serving educators around the world, we have developed a unique selection of products specially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and teachers. We offer products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, and high-quality school furniture. Our art supply offerings cover painting, drawing, modelling, handicrafts, and even movement.

Purchase Information

Mercurius has a special pricing structure and discount for homeschoolers and one can sign up for an account under that group here: All homeschool accounts are eligible for our year-round volume discount:
• Volume Discount 10% (Total $200-$549)
• Volume Discount 20% (Total $550-$1449)
• Volume Discount 30% (Total $1500+)


What People Say




“As a professional colleague of Jacquelynn’s over the last several years, it is with earnestness that I comment how her skill set as a teacher is uncanny and unparalleled in many respects.  A dedicated artist and teacher herself, Jacquelynn can employ not only technical aspects to all areas of learning, but can also do so with grace, artistry, and understanding for the child’s developmental tendencies.  I would give an enthusiastic ‘yes’ to anyone considering her educational services.” 


Waldorf Class Teacher

“My oldest daughter was a student in Jacquelynn’s first Waldorf class. I still remember the excitement my daughter had when the chalkboard drawing was going to be revealed the next day at school! Jacquelynn’s creativity, sense of humor and love of teaching was present daily in her interactions with her students, meeting the children at every age and developmental marker from first to eighth grade. This year our youngest daughter will be entering the fifth grade. We have home-schooled her using a Waldorf approach for the past few years by finding online resources, books and resources from our local library. We are so excited to have the expertise of Jacquelynn to guide us through the upper grades. This is exactly what we have been looking for to enhance our homeschooling curriculum!” 



Waldorf Homeschool Mom

Nurse Educator

“Thank you so much for teaching me most everything I know, from math to Main Lesson and the art.  I don’t know how you take care of 29 kids and are so nice to all of them. This year, I have learned the most I have every learned thanks to you!

P.S. I will also make sure to recycle!!”


Student Alumnus

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