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Greetings Class of 2020!  

How are you all?  What fills your days?  What are you enjoying?  What is hard?  I miss seeing your faces.  I miss the classroom, your humor, your energy, and each of you!  You are all amazing creative people and I look forward to the day when everyone is free to be together again.  In the meantime…. let’s make something RAD!

First, a few definitions for you,

1. Quarantine: A strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. (…sound familiar?)

2. Zine:  An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication.

For the remainder of the school year, we will be working on creating our very own “Quarantine Zine”.  My hope is that the Quarantine Zine will give you a place to connect your thoughts and experiences, be creative, and put some of your tremendous energy during this crazy time.  Regardless of what art supplies you have available at home, you should be able to contribute to this project.  

What is a Zine?  

A “zine” is a kind of mini magazine or booklet.  Zines are often created around a common theme or a social movement.  Zines are usually printed on a xerox machine, and are the size of a standard piece of paper folded in half.  They can be filled with contributions from various sources.

What makes a zine interesting? 

YOU! Input from a variety of people and sources makes any publication interesting.  A diversity of material and work, different styles, and perspectives will create an awesome zine.  You be you, and your unique contribution will make this project shine!  

How will we make our Zine?

The 2020 Quarantine Zine is a collaborative project.  To create the 2020 Quarantine Zine, we hope for everyone’s input.   Each week I will post an “idea word”, or prompt, to focus your creative process. Look for the weekly prompt on the HOME page on the “Assignments and Recent News” dashboard.  You will create a page, or pages, in response to the prompt.  When you are finished, you will upload your page/s to your device, and email a jpeg file of them to me at:  I will check in with you along the way, and you can email me anytime with questions or ideas.  All art and writing must be original and created by you!  You are free to interpret each prompt in your own way, using any of the following methods of expression, and any materials from the list below.  When I receive your submissions, I will download them to create the 2020 Quarantine Zine, and at the end of the project, each of you will receive a copy of the zine. 

How/what can you contribute? 

  1. Prose, short stories, commentary
  2. Poetry, song lyrics, or rhyme
  3. Journaling, for instance, a list of what you ate today, a record of the weather, a record of your feelings, what you did today, what is changing and what remains the same, observations, thoughts…
  4. Any of the above in comic form
  5. Musical notation of any songs you’ve written
  6. Recipes you have cooked during this time written out by you
  7. Art, drawings, doodles, paintings, prints, photos, sketches, or collage made by you  
  8. Puzzles, crossword puzzles, word find puzzles, mazes or riddles made, or creatively copied, by you 


You may use any of the following materials to create your pages: pencil, pen, charcoal, handwritten or printed text, paint, collage or photos. 


Following are some examples of what one could submit for the prompt, “RUNNING”

  1. A drawing of a faucet with water pouring out.
  2. A short comic strip about someone trying to escape from something.
  3. A poem about what it feels like to run 
  4. A painting of water
  5. A crossword puzzle, or word find, that includes the word “running” 
  6. A riddle about running
  7. The word “Running” handwritten in your own font/graffiti/stamp style
  8. A photo of a sewing project you’ve made using the classic running stitch
  9. The possibilities are endless ……  

Technical Information:

If possible, please create your work on either, a full  8 ½” by 11” inch piece of paper, or a half sheet of paper (8 ½” by 5 ½”).

Each page of the Quarantine Zine will measure 5 ½” side to side, and 8 ½” top to bottom.  Double page spreads will measure 11” side to side, and 8 ½” top to bottom.  This is the size of a standard piece of paper. All of your handouts and tests are printed on 8 ½” by 11” paper. If you have a printer at home this is the size paper that fits into your printer.  Please fit your work into these dimensions if you can. 

The final 2020 Quarantine Zine will be printed in black and white, so if you submit an elaborate color drawing or photograph, understand that in the final version, it will be altered to shades of grey.

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to email me any time at: